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APTA members can save big on group major medical, dental, and vision coverage. Our membership numbers get us access to exclusive plans and rates for you, your staff, and your dependents – better than any group could access elsewhere.

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Independent Practitioners

For our sole practitioners and independent contractors: Finally, the ACA Exchange is no longer your only option. APTA Health Benefits can reduce health plan costs for you and your dependents. Select from a number of medical, dental, vision and other options that will help you save

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It’s a battle to recruit and keep the best staff members. One of the best ways you can show your staff how much you value them is to help keep them healthy. That’s why APTA and APTA Private Practice are collaborating with Decisely to provide access to affordable, quality health solutions for practices with group coverage needs, as well as unique solutions to help our independent contractors reduce their health care costs. These solutions are exclusive APTA member benefits. Not a member? Join APTA or contact the APTA Member Success team today.

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Group plans are for businesses/practices with two or more W-2 employees. If yours is a business with one employee (contractor, sole practitioner), please scroll up and click on “Get a Sole Practitioner Quote.”

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Whether you're searching for affordable healthcare solutions that provide best-in-class benefits to your employees and their families, looking to grow your team with people that share your company’s vision, or wanting to give your employees a sense of security by helping them plan for their future, Decisely can help!

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If this is a right fit for you and your practice, APTA membership is required to purchase. You do not need to be a member to receive a quote. To be eligible for this benefit, private practice owners and all physical therapist and physical therapist assistant staff need to have an active APTA membership. Private practice owners must also maintain membership in APTA Private Practice. PT and PTA individual practitioners and independent contractors must have active APTA and APTA Private Practice memberships.